Not ALL Side Effects are Listed on Medication

Not ALL Side Effects are Listed on Medication


Most of us may not realize that the medications we take could potentially cause us harm even after we stop taking them. I was diagnosed with endometriosis (abnormal lining of the uterus & excruciated menstrual) while in the USN. I was given every type of birth control you can think of to manage it until it happened.

What happen you say? The medicine happened.

After being placed on Mirena IUD shortly after my son was born, I began having severe headaches and many other symptoms. The medication caused a pseudotumor in my brain which also caused severe papilledema, extremely high-pressure in my brain, blood clots in my brain, and vertigo to name a few.

I have spent countless hours in the hospital these last 2 years, and although the IUD is gone, it has wrecked havoc. I have to get a spinal tap to relieve the pressure which was last done before Christmas.

I have an option of getting a Shunt but refuse to have the surgery.

I wish you all the best, and I hope that anyone dealing with medication takes heed because this side effect was not listed on the medication. I asked so many questions of the doctor and thought I could trust her because she was a woman and she wanted to “help me stop the pain” of endometriosis, but I got something a lot worst instead.